Meet our New Mascot, Safe – T – Bear! 

In time for the Christmas Holidays, Safe America is introducing ‘Safe-T-Bear! The cuddly stuffed animal will be used as a thank you for those donating $25 or more. Watch online for more information… On how you can order bulk quantities of over a dozen and get a discount price! 

For special orders and other information, contact Bob Surrusco at (780)-973-7233. 

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WorldSafe Award Winners to be Named This Saturday at Delta Flight Museum

Tickets are still available for this Saturday’s WorldSafe Gala in Atlanta where 14 individuals will be given the most prestigious honor that the Safe America Foundation annually presents. Chairman Martin Swarbrick will be joined by Vice ChairmN Jeff Turner, Treasurer Tom Headlee and a dozen other Board members plus nearly 180 people who will fly in from Mexico City,California, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Boca Raton, Florida and Washington, D.C. 

“This year’s 14 winners are among the most impressive yet, with a California firm innovating the use of drones for delivering medical supplies in remote areas of Rwanda a sample of the quality of winner we will honor,” said Safe America CEO Len Pagano. Other honorees include Norfolk Southern for introducing a traveling. ‘Safety train’ used to help first responders; Miller Ingenuity for creAting a new product that reduces the risks for rail workers; and Atlanta Business Executive Jim Ellis for his dedication to community service.

To learn more – and be able to meet this year’s winners – purchase a ticket online today at  

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UPS Foundation’s Joe Ruiz Films Safe America TV Message

This past week, UPS Foundation’s Director of Humanitarian Relief and Diaster Response, Joe Ruiz, filmed a BE Safe America message in Washington, D.C. The safety message focused on having every American learn what they can do to survive any weather-related or terrorist-inspired emergency. Now in production, the spot will be distributed nationally.ilm

“UPS has done amazing work globally and we are proud to have Ed Martinez and Joe Ruiz collaborate with us,” said CEO Len Pagano. “We are pleased to be expanding our educational efforts with UPS and others such as FEMA and hope the result will be a reduced impact in the future from unanticipated events.”

The filming of new spots near Capitol Hill also included other important messages on human trafficking, cyber security and public safety. Filming these spots were Vice Chairman Jeff Turner and WorldSafe Health Initiative Chair Kim Ryan (President of Wellstar’s Atlanta Medical System).

Watch for further blog entries detailing our Capitol Hill briefing and support for Congressman David Jolly’s legislative entry, HR 4640, aiming to reduce veteran suicides by studying pharmaceuticals being prescribed by the Veterans Administration.

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Southside Atlanta Unites Behind Safe America Initiatives 

Safe America Vice Chairman Jeff Turner hosted a meeting recently for the Foundation’s ‘Safe Communities’ Task Force. The outcome: support from a variety of public and private partners who all expressed a desire to ‘join in’ Safe America multi-pronged safety and health agenda.

Mr. Turner – whose ‘day job’ is serving as Chairman of the Clayton County Board of Commissioners – thanked leaders from the ‘Aerotropolis’ area surrounding Atlanta’s Airport for their attendance as well as others from Fulton, Henry, Clayton and the City of Atlanta.

Attendees included Georgia Power Executive Lisa Smith; the executive directors of the Airport Chamber of Commerce and the Clayton County Chamber; plus, Safe America Board members Bob Schurke, Michael Hightower and Gordon Sherman.

“Whether it’s expanding ‘Brain Camp’ this fall for youth; helping veterans; or, fighting human trafficking, our goal is to coalesce Atlanta’s Southside,” said CEO Len Pagano. “Thanks to Jeff Turner’s leadership, we’ve built a strong base and will continue to expand it over the coming months.”

Another project that was saluted was Safe America’s work with the Clayton County Police Department to train young drivers. Captain Brian Danekes and Office Eddie Soto jointed Mary Lou and Len Pagano in ‘test driving’ a computer simulator training. The simulator is part of a Southside ‘Driver Training Center’ that was co-established in 2003 by Clayton County with Safe America.

“We’re proud of our strong ties on Atlanta’s Sousthhside,” Pagano said. “We look forward to continuing to develop new relationships as well as honoring those who have been with us over the years such as John Stephens, Alan Vigil, Luvenia Jackson and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.”

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