UN to Host Safe America Briefing 

United Nations Building in NYC

United Nations to host August 25 Safe America Meeting

The WorldSafe Initiative – a program launched by Safe America – is planning an August 25 briefing in New York at the UN. CEO Len Pagano visited yesterday with UN BCMU Chief Christine Bendel to review plans for the briefing. Topics to.  be covered include disaster readiness, human trafficking and cyber security. Members of Safe America’s Board of Directors will be among attendees along with national and international collaborators. Space is limited; to RSVP, contact Joe. Caprara at (770)-384-7937.

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Congrats to UPS

We just learned how the UPS Foundation has engineers a trial use of drones to deliver medical supplies in Africa… And am very impressed! kudos to Ed Martinez and my close friend, Joe Ruiz. Well done! 

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    Safe America Executive Vice President Mary Lou Pagano is ‘all smiles’ after visiting in late January with UPS Vice President Nikki Clifton in Atlanta on 2016 programming. Under discussion: plans for a ‘Capitol Hill Safety Summit’ in mid-September in Washington, D.C.

The conversation center on how to address key emerging safety issues, including:
– cyber security and safety (including corporate and personal hacking and identity theft issues)

– human trafficking and

– improving sports safety (at both the professional and amateur levels

Safe America’s annual safety ‘drill’ known as ‘BE Safe, America!’ was also under consideration as a topic for the ‘Capitol. Hill Safety Summit.’ The disaster readiness program – including its ‘Text First. Talk Second.’ Wireless safety program – will be scheduled for the fall to coincide with National Preparedness Month and the work being done by other organizations such as FEMA, NIMSAT (at the University of Louisiana), the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL) and the ‘Great ShakeOut Drill.’

“We’re proud of our collaboration with UPS and appreciate the leadership offered by their executives, including Nikki CLifton in Washington, D.C., Al Falco in New York/Long Island and Ed Martinez and Joe Ruiz in Atlanta,” commented Safe America CEO Len Pagano. “We see safety growing as a concern among all agr groups and demographics and believe a ‘Safety Summit’ will help educate both members of Congresas along with other non-profits and Fortune 500 firms on what they can do to impact key issues.”

Pagano noted that a number of other organizations have already expressed interest in adding their ‘voice’ to safety. During the next 30-60 days, a number of groups will be visited with to seek their input and support. Among those who will be visited with during February are: the United Nations, the American Red Cross, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Amtrak, the Medical  Reserve Corps, the Hearing Loss Association of America, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Munich Re-insurance America, Cox Media Group, Time Warner Cable, React Mobile, Dilworth Paxson LLP, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, IAEM, NEMA, the National Association of Attorneys General, the National Football League and its Alumni Association, Operation HOPE, Core ID Services and DSM America. The end goal of these conversations: to broaden the ‘BE Safe, America!’ Coalition and help expand the distribution of safety education materials – both online and via the media.

To learn more or become involved, contact Mary Lou Pagano at (770)-973-SAFE or email her at marylou.pagano@safeamerica.org. 

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WSB-TV To Air Report on Safe America’s “Home for the Holidays”  Veterans Program

Channel 2 in Atlanta will are a story later today at 12:30 pm about Safe America’s “Home for the Holidays” program for female veterans. The report focuses on how a large number of women who served in the military are now homeless, facing situations that have led to sleeping in friends’ homes or – even worse – in their cars.

The dramatic report – on the “People 2 People” show – explains that there are 1,200 homeless veterans in the Metro Atlanta area alone. 

In a very moving interview, Shannon Mahoney, a 7-year Navy veteran – explains how she and other women who served in the military came back from overseas assignments, only to find it difficult to transition to a civilian career. She explains how situations such as the illness and eventual death of her mother created unanticipated personal debt, forcing difficult choices. In order to pay $8,000 in medical treatment – and then her mother’s burial costs – Shannon let her rent payments go into arrears. This eventually led to her eviction for her and her two daughters. Shannon has been saving funds to get back into her house – but has had to live with friends and family for several months in the meantime. During this time, she even spent some nights just napping in her car. 

“We admire Shannon’s courage in explaining what those 1,200 women are all facing – and giving a face to the problem,” said Safe America Chairman-elect Martin Swarbrick. “We want to raise awareness to the problem of homeless female veterans, knowing that gaps in services made this widespread.” 

Special thanks to VA Administration’s Colleen Baker for her work in helping address this problem and working with Safe America to give women who do not have a permanent address a ‘Home for the Holidays’ this Christmas. If you would like to join us in helping these veterans, you can give online by credit card to Safe America at safeamerica.org. All funds raised during this month will go to our ‘Home for the Holidays’ program. 

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