2017 Board of Directors, Executive Committee

Safe America Foundation

2017 Board of Directors

Executive Committee (10)                                                                                    

Martin Swarbrick, Chairman:  ProLink Investment 

Jeff Turner, Vice Chairman:  Clayton County Commission 

Kim Ryan, Vice Chair:  WellStar / ATL Medical Center

Harold Cohen, Secretary: Dilworth Paxson LLP                                 

Tom Headlee, Treasurer: Vision Planning Services                           

Steve Blue, CEO Network: Miller Ingenuity

Robert Johnson: CEO Network, Solomon Group                        

Tim McVay, Brain Camp: WSB-TV / Cox Media Group                                       

Bob Schurke, Past Chairman: DHO, Inc.                                    

Len Pagano, President & CEO: Safe America Foundation                          


Directors  (19 Carryover)                                                                                                                                                             

Dr. Doug Hamburger, Research: Virginia Piedmont Community College

John Mallen, BE Safe America:  JMC Communications                                                       

Vin Paladini, Marketing: Time Warner Cable                                        

Marty Plevel, BE Safe America: KPMG                                                             

Nelson ‘Skip’ Riddle, WorldSafe Initiative: Riddle International

Ted Kolwicz, Home Front/Veterans Program: KopierNet                                                       

Gary Lawrence, WorldSafe Initiative: Dakia Foundation

Raul Regaled, Veterans:  United Distributors                                        

James (Jamie) Spielberg, BE Safe America: DSM North America

Nguni Kahiha, Sponsorships/Recruitment:  Iris Inc. North America                                   

Fr. Ricardo Bailey, Brain Camp:  Emma’s House                                               

Gordon Sherman, Veterans:  Sherman & Associates

Sen. Judy Emmons, Human Trafficking: State Senator – State of Michigan                                  

Tom Serio, Wireless Technology: Verizon Wireless                                            

Suzanne Bernier, BE Safe America: SB Crisis Consulting / Toronto

Phil Swarbrick, Cyber Security: PricewaterhouseCoopers             

Lisa Smith, Brain Camp / Mentoring: Georgia Power

Jeff Tuomi, Cyber Safety:  Core ID Services       

Mary Lou Pagano, Program Management: Safe America Foundation

Rob Glenn, BE Safe America: FEMA (ex officio rep)


2017 Nominees

Carlos Glatt, WorldSafe:  Glatt Stoves

Franklin Brown, Veterans / Rail Safety:  Dixie Precast

Harry Kraemer, CEO Network:  Northwestern University

DeLisa Rodney, Brain Camp: State Farm

Harold Liles, Home Front / Vets Program: UCB                                               

Tim Lovell, CEO Network:  MB Financial

Brian Nielsen, Managing Partner:  DP Group / North America

James Parejko, Veterans:  G&W Electric Corp.

Patrick Haddock, Veterans:  Coca-Cola / VETLANTA

Darrell Wilson, Transportation:  Norfolk Southern

Tasha Katapodis, CEO Network:  United Community Bank


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