WellStar AMC, SAFE AMERICA Plot Out Collaboration on Key Issues

WellStar AMC, SAFE AMERICA Plot Out Collaboration on Key Issues

Human Trafficking, Opioid Crisis, PTSD and Active Shooters in ‘Top 5’ Concerns

WellStar AMC senior staff including President Kim Ryan invited Safe America CEO Len Pagano and COO Mary Lou Pagano to join in a discussion today to evaluate ways to deepen its collaboration in addressing key health and safety concerns impacting Georgia.

The dialogue – led by Vice President Jamey Moore – considered using the upcoming April Symposium at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta to help share what is being done to counter these issues while engaging other organizations – both Fortune 500 firms in Metro Atlanta and civic and community organizations.

“We salute WellStar for its leadership and are ready to showcase its stellar effort to address these issues,” Pagano noted. “Together, we will work to raise the critical information that can impact these growing concerns.”

Pagano also applauded Youth Spark and its Executive Director,  Jennifer Swain, for her desire to collaborate. He noted that the two non-profits will be developing a strategic plan to help provide grassroots education and assistance in suburban Atlanta counties such as COBB, Clayton, DeKalb and Gwinnett.

The Georgia Hospital Association – and other major medical organizations – will be invited to participate in this dialogue April 26-27 at the ‘Spring Symposium. For more information, contact Stephen George at (470)-399-5092.

Airing Solutions – Safe America CEO Len Pagano shares insights into what Safe America and WellStar AMC can do together. Listening were AMC Security Director Cassie Pruitt (left) and Vice President/Operations, Jamey Moore (right).

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