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2019 Spring Safety Symposium Huge Success!

2019 Spring Safety Symposium Held At the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Was A Huge Success!

Spring Symposium Advances Top Safety and Health Issues!
Speakers Address Opioid Crisis, Human Trafficking, Active Shooter Issues and Disaster Readiness and Recovery in Puerto Rico.

Former Israeli Army Officer Alon Stivi previewed a new training program to help people survive active shooters. Cobb County School District Officers then extended the dialogue, by showing how schools are practicing with teens what to do if they face on-campus gun violence.
Sergeant Phil Bradford noted that high school students are finding it meaningful and are not frightened by the training lessons – done extemporaneously through the school year.

Alon Stivi

 Phil Bradford

Delanea Davis

Rita MacRae

Georgia Public Service Commissioner Vice Chairman Tim Echols hosted a panel addressing solutions to human trafficking… while Safe America CEO Len Pagano introduced ‘Step 2’ of the HUMANS Care program… with ambulances now in the starting phase of traveling cross metro Atlanta. Safe America volunteer leader Donna Casey from San Francisco is being offered a role to help duplicate the program on the West Coast this fall. And, AMR – the national ambulance firm that’s donating 3 ambulances for ‘rescue attempts’ – will be training Safe America Staff on how to cooperate with police as well as free up young girls and boys being sexually ‘traded’ to adults.

Tim Echols

GA State Senator Tonya Anderson

Susan Norris & Bobbi Starr

Others – such as Checker Cab’s Rick Hewatt and AMR’s (American Medical Response /Ambulance company) Antoine Meadows – shared their commitment to help get thousands of veterans to the VA Hospital via Safe America’s new ‘Vet Tran’ transportation program. At the same time, the UPS Foundation’s Humanitarian and Disaster Response Director, Joe Ruiz, announced an expanded plan with Good360 CEO Howard Sherman, to work nationally on future disasters, while continuing to assist Safe America in celebrating its 25th anniversary and relaunching the ‘Safe America Month’ promotion in December, with potential retailers such as Target, Walmart and Home Depot.
“We had a meaningful dialogue on what Americans can do to protect themselves from the Top 6 risks in our country today… with many people committing to work across 5 categories,” said Safe America CEO Len Pagano. As to what are those ‘risk pillars’, they include:
  • Technology concerns, such as growing identity theft plus more common malware attacks to everyone online
  • Emerging transportation worries, such as urban scooters that are growing hundreds of sidewalk collisions each month in major cities
  • Community concerns (like bullying from gangs and active shooters) plus new worries like maintaining Daylight Savings Time ALL YEAR LONG!
“We’re ready to tackle these issues, starting a new national campaign with other non-profits and corporate partners to story-tell and educate people,” Pagano noted. “These are more important conversations than just talking about how to lose weight or improve your looks – it’s life-surviving commentary – and we’re delighted as we’re compiling a novel mix of executives from across the country who can tell these stories in a compelling manner – and get people to change their daily habits – to protect themselves.”
Safe America will be launching messages on Podcasts and on its new social digital platform. To join the ‘BE Safe America’ campaign, contact Stephen George at 678) 437-4116 or go online at safeamerica.org.