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40 Days for Life ‘Embrace’ Safe America to Save Pre-born Lives

40 Days for Life ‘Embrace’ Safe America to Save Pre-born Lives

A series of non-profit Christian churches – both Catholic, Baptist and Anglican – attended a ‘40 Days for Life‘ conference in Woodstock, GA last week. And,high-level ministers and priests thanked Safe America for its support to encourage birthing babies versus ending their lives via abortion.

Father Frank PavoneExecutive Director of a Catholic non-profit, “Priests for Life” – thanked Safe America for its supporting adoption versus abortion. And, Suzanne Guy, who runs ’40 Days for Life’ among Baptists and other Protestants, added her commitment to share Safe America’s TV ‘PSA’ commercial that encourages women to go through pregnancy and have their babies ‘live a full life.’

“We know many people – like President Biden – think every woman has a ‘right’ to consider abortion,” noted CEO Len Pagano. “But when you realize that abortion kills a ‘new life,’ we think it’s a sad decision. That’s why we support ‘40 Days for Life‘ because we want every pregnancy to birth babies – and not have our country accept that abortion is an ‘option’ to personally end a baby.”

Safe America has offered support via its new ‘donor advised fund’ (DAF) to help Christian and Catholic non-profits raise money and help unmarried women get financial support to get through their pregnancies. Safe America is also inviting other organizations to help ’40 Days for Life’ each year so our population won’t have 1 million deaths annually (while in 2021 there were over 1.2 million abortions last year).