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82% of Americans Are ‘Upset’ About Afghanistan

82% of Americans Are ‘Upset’ About Afghanistan

National surveys show that 73% feel President Biden did ‘worse’ in pulling out of Afghanistan… with another 9% also feeling very upset. That total – 82% – shows a combined group of Democrats, Republicans and Independent voters very disappointed at where the U.S. is now.

“Making a recovery – and getting all Americans out of Afghanistan – is problematic,” noted Safe America CEO Len Pagano. “The global perspective now is that there can be more terrorism – and this suggests more work to ‘be prepared, not scared’ as we move into 2022.”

More discussions will be held by Safe America – both in New York (on Sept. 9) and Atlanta (December 7). Additional ‘Zoom calls’ are being planned weekly with CEO Network members. To participate, contact Damion Olinger at (678)-709-3094.



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  1. With the tragedy of people ‘falling’ off the plane this week, people around the world – in Europe, Asia and North America – have safety at a higher level. We need to take steps to ‘keep safety popular’ – and not let leaders excuse deaths like they ‘couldn’t have been avoided.’

    1. Good point. And, with our WorldSafe Institute plan to build a ‘donor advised fund’ this fall, we’ll likely see more people – wealthy and less income-included – putting more funds into non-profit disaster relief. That’s what we’ll be doing – with other major NGOs.

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