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A Salute to Knights of Columbus…

A Salute to Knights of Columbus…

There are many organizations that focus on protecting lives. One of them is ‘Knights of Columbus,’ a Catholic group that has 2 million men as members. Thanks to its Senior Vice President, Mark McMullen, the Knights have discussed ways to aid Safe America’s programs… with a special interest in VET Tran.

“As we plan to re-launch VET Tran this summer, we’re already thinking of how great Knights can be as a part of this,” noted Safe America CEO Len Pagano. “We thank Mark and others such as Transfiguration Parish’s Roger Heil and St. Joseph Parish’s Chris McHugh for their supporting this and looking how we can do good together.”

In addition to Knights, Safe America is also outreaching to other church organizations. Thrivent Financial, which is a Christian financial company, has endorsed Safe America for donations. And, 360 Entertainment Executive TJ Hedges is also outreaching to Decatur-based Passion City Church (to also have Safe America’s HUMANS Care transportation used for human trafficking victims).

“We’re proud of Mark, TJ and others like Roger and Chris who are offering help protect and save lives,” Pagano said. “Together, we look forward to helping re-launch our transportation programs – with COVID vaccinations protecting our drivers – and encouraging more people to volunteer again with our driver training staff.”