Avoiding Active Shooters

Tragic incidents continue to occur. But with advanced training, you can be mentally - and physically - able to survive. Here are ways Safe America can assist.



Teach your contacts - whether family, corporate, church or community - how to ‘be ready’ to survive.

Post-event / Counseling

Safe America can introduce you to experts who can assess what will help you or your loved ones recover from any incident you are involved in.

School Audits

Plan now for an internal safety audit, assessing what can be done to protect faculty and students - and advance their own self-protection.

Today’s tragic events may seem un-survivable. But, as many experts today note, there are new training programs that can help you ‘run, hide or fight.’

Safe America can connect you to techniques that will give you the advanced knowledge that can provide security. And, also help you audit facilities - whether schools, churches or businesses - and assess if there are any structural issues to be addressed.

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