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Angela Krause Ford Is Approved as a Safe America Driving School!!

Angela Krause Ford Is Approved as a Safe America Driving School!!

Thanks to Zack Krause and Brad Stairs, the Safe America Foundation applied to teach teenagers how to drive in their Ford dealership in Alpharetta/Roswell, Georgia. Now, after several months of review, the state of Georgia approved this location for teen driver education.

CEO Len Pagano thanked the Zack Krause, noting that “we’ve envisioned a benefit of training youth with Fords – but what’s even better is learning more first-hand on maintaining a car as well as learning more on the safety features that are unique and have saved lives.” Pagano said he plans to use the Angela Krause Ford dealership as a ‘national pilot project,’ sharing more with Ford Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan – and seeing how they might suggest other locations.

“Ford’s been great at focusing on safety. And, with ‘Driving Skills for Life,Jim Graham has taught teens on an introductory event to see good safety factors,” Pagano noted. “Now we can take the ‘Driving Skills‘ concept deeper – and show that we can really train teens for life.”

Pagano thanked Mr. Graham for a recent discussion on ‘CEO Network.‘ And, noted that Safe America will invite Zack Krause to share his value of having Safe America’s driving school in his dealership. “We’ll let others learn the value – and then consider where else we might duplicate this – in metro Atlanta and then other cities like Nashville, Milwaukee and suburban Washington, DC (Maryland and Northern Virginia).”

To apply for the special training events this fall, contact the Safe America Driving School COO Mary Lou Pagano at (404)-558-2212.

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  1. Alyssa Mathis

    Thanks to Brad Stairs for doing a great job in finalizing the administrative details with GA Dept. of Driver Services… and to Zack Krause for believing this will be an excellent way to add more ‘factors’ on safety in front of a Ford dealership with its own employees and car mechanics.

    Our staff will enjoy this… and imagine giving teens exposure in front of a Mustang EV vehicle… or a Ford 150 truck! Learning more about these vehicles – and getting a chance to ‘take a drive’ – will likely inspire them to be even more ‘protective’ as young drivers.

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