Be Safe America Tour

Safe America's national 'Safety Tour' is an annual program that brings key topics of regional & national interest to major cities along with subject matter experts as guest speakers.  Don’t miss this tremendous opportunity to become more aware of safety issues specific to your city, state, and region.


After 9-11, Safe America began a national program to help citizens be ready to handle emergencies and survive them.

We’ve partnered with major Fortune 500 firm such s UPS… and involved ourselves with FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, the UN and other non-profits.

Learn more about surviving events… and training your neighbors, family and business co-workers.

Briefing Cities / Dates

  • New York October 11 @ FEMA in Freedom Tower
  • Atlanta Georgia November 2 – Federal Reserve Bank
  • Washington, DC November 13 – Capitol Hill

To RSVP, call Joe Caprara at (770)-384-7937


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Preparing For Disasters

Disasters come every year. But, are we ‘ready’ to deal with them? And, how can we improve survival and recovery? These are the original topics of our ‘BE Safe America’ program. Each year, we update topics with new insights – and new tools. Among our fall program: emphasizing how youth need to be protected…with insights from Columbia University’s ‘Center for National Disasters.’

Dealing with Opioid Crisis

Today, millions of Americans are dealing with opioid crisis. How to deal with prescriptions – and avoid addiction to opioids – is a key topoic. What data analytics are needed to help is something we’re assessing, along with how to organize communities to minimize the costs of recovery. These are just some of the topics we’re addressing.

Avoiding Active Shooters

Helping everyone realize they can survive an active assailant is what we address during BE Safe  America briefings. We introduce experts who know how to conduct training. And, offer advice on exercises that can bolster surviving attacks.

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