BE Safe America

BE Safe America is a campaign designed to increase public grassroots readiness and help every American practice dealing with a major disaster.

Increasing dangers from dramatic storms and man-made threats led Safe America to look at how to empower citizens during the post-9/11 environment.

After years of work with FEMA and the CDC, the Foundation established a five-year campaign in 2009 known as BE Safe America. Its mission: to increase the grassroots readiness through education and encouraging local drills.

The program was established by the Safe America Foundation in 2011 as a multi-year initiative to invites organizations large and small to utilize their own preparedness programming into the BE Safe America drill season, which extends from September 11 to November 11.

Be Safe America's ultimate goal is to create an America that is prepared, not scared, when it comes to dealing with natural and man-made disasters.

Program Components:

  • a 60-day drill season known as the 'March to 5 Million' (which encourages firms and communities to pledge to drill).
  • a communications campaign, including 'Text First. Talk Second.™’ PSAs for television and radio
  • a First Spouses campaign, enlisting governor's spouses to help engage their citizens and
  • a youth safety curriculum used in schools and youth clubs known as 'SAFE Tomorrows' - plus the Safest Kid in America contest

Each of these program elements have four principal goals:

  1. Inform the public how new technology affects disaster communications
  2. Teach them to use the new tools (texting – and a safety shorthand for emergencies)
  3. Practice the use of this technology (via drills)
  4. Involve youth (via school curriculum and other programming)