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Iris-Sensing’s North America CEO Honored

Nguvi Kahiha, the CEO of Iris-Sensing in the United States, Mexico and Canada, has been honored a 2022 award this week for what he’s done to help Safe America and the WorldSafe Institute. CEO Len Pagano gave Mr. Kahiha a ‘Saving All Mankind‘ (SAM) Award… noting that Mr. Kahiha has helped Safe America expand its […]

40 Days for Life ‘Embrace’ Safe America to Save Pre-born Lives

A series of non-profit Christian churches – both Catholic, Baptist and Anglican – attended a ‘40 Days for Life‘ conference in Woodstock, GA last week. And,high-level ministers and priests thanked Safe America for its support to encourage birthing babies versus ending their lives via abortion. Father Frank Pavone – Executive Director of a Catholic non-profit, […]

COMING SOON: Training Teens with Ford Mustang Mach E

The SafeAmerica Foundation’s ‘SafeTeen Driving Academy’ is starting a new ‘AAA’ class. Known as the ‘American Advance Auto’ Class, it will feature new E/Vs (electronic vehicles) such as Ford Mustang Mach E. “We’ve been impressed with Tesla and other E/Vs, but Ford’s Mustang Mach E is incredible,” noted SafeAmerica CEO Len Pagano. “We’re planning to […]

Abortions in VA Hospitals? No; but President Biden is ‘Recommending It’

President Biden has suggested having abortions in Veterans Administration hospitals across-the-country. But, recently VA official has said this is not ‘confirmed yet.’ An official anonymously reported that it ‘could happen’ in coming months… but may be reversed if the GOP regroups leadership in Washington, DC after November. “Veterans are not having women come to VA […]

Ed Setzler & Lorraine Cochran-Johnson Join in ‘Safety Summit;’ Rep. Setzler Honored with a ‘SAM’ Award & Commissioner Cochran-Johnson named Vice Chair of Safe America’s Board

On September 1, DeKalb Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson – Safe America’s new Vice Chairperson – joined with CEO/Chairman Len Pagano who offered a 2022 ‘SAM’ (Saving All Mankind’) award to Georgia Representative Ed Setzler. Rep. Setzler, who serves in the Georgia General Assembly, passed a ‘Heartbeat Legislation’ last year that has led more birth children. “We’re […]

Welcome, Trysten Lee!!

Welcome to our new Finance Advisor, Trysten Lee, who is a new financial manager at ADP in Sandy Springs! Together with our former CFO Christy Taylor, Trysten will help staff roll out new financial information for investors and government agencies. We look forward to doing more with you, Trysten – and involving you on our […]

Russian Missile Makes Shopping Mall ‘Unsafe,’ Killing 13 People & Impacting 1,000 Shoppers

Posts from USA Today and Reporters John Bacon, Rebecca Morin, Francesca Chambers, Tom Vanden Brook, Jorge L. Ortiz and Celina Tebor Russia intensified its campaign of terror Monday with a missile strike that killed or injured scores of people in a crowded shopping mall in the central Ukraine city of Kremenchuk, an act President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called “one […]