Thanks to Operation LifeSaver for Its Support! 

Safe America Program Executive VP Mary Lou Pagano and UPS Humanitarian Relief Director Joe Ruiz pose for a photo with Operation Lifesavers Jennie Glasgow. The three attended a Safe Communities summer meeting recently and discussed ways to help protect drivers. Behind them is the original UPS truck used for deliveries in 1915.  

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UPS Supports WorldSafe Initiative

A heartfelt thanks to UPS Humanitarian Relief Director Joe Ruiz who presented a $25,000 check to support Safe America’s WorldSafe Awards’ program this fall. Joe Ruiz shared the news with me on Friday… At the UPS Headquarters in Atlanta. The funds will help stage the second annual WorldSafe Awards Gala at the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta on November 7. 


Tickets will be sold beginning this month with a special earlybird discount for corporate tables. For more information, contact Joe Caprara at (770)-384-7937. 

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Driver’s Ed Training Shows Growth; Plans for More Classes, Sites Studied

Summer is only two weeks old. But, already, Safe America has seen a significant increase in students taking driver’s Ed.

The Foundation is also looking at new sites for the Southside as well as in NE Atlanta (Gwinnett County). 

If interested in having your teen trained, don’t miss the Montlick & Associates discount. It’s available all summer and brings cost for a 36-hour program down to only $399. Call (678)-823-9024 for more details or check out our teen page. 

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David Letterman Ends 33 Year-Run; Safe America Creates A ‘Top 10′ Safety List

David Letterman

David Letterman

Americans from all walks-of-life watched as comedian David Letterman ended his talk show career on CBS last night. And, while pundits credited him with re-inventing late night television, Safe America would add he gave us new ‘staples’ for thought. One was his nightly ‘Top Ten’ List.

In recognition of his popular feature, we’ve created our own ‘Top 10 List’ for Safety.

Safe America’s TOP TEN LIST for Safety

  1. No one should ever get hurt and have their life cut short by a preventable accident.
  2. An accident actually in real life isn’t funny; it’s just plain stupid.
  3. People who live long lives are funnier almost every day!
  4. Multi-tasking while driving is like trying to eat and swim at the same time – it’s just not doable!
  5. Having smart children – who know how to text – means you won’t have to talk to them in an emergency (which may be a good thing!)
  6. Having more schools participate in Safe America’s ‘Chalk One Up for Safety’ art program may improve the look of sidewalks!
  7. If more middle school youth did our ‘Safe Tomorrows’ curriculum, they’d likely get better grades in school (because they’d practice more writing skills!).
  8. Being ‘Prepared, Not Scared (TM)’ could eliminate the ‘horror’ of zombie drills!
  9. If more people participate in our ‘Drill Team’ preparedness exercise, you’d have something else to do during half-time at boring football games!
  10. Having more people text $10 to Safe America (the word ‘SAFE’ to 80077) would make everyone’s pocket lighter – helping us curb the growing obesity caused by fat wallets!
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