David Letterman Ends 33 Year-Run; Safe America Creates A ‘Top 10′ Safety List

David Letterman

David Letterman

Americans from all walks-of-life watched as comedian David Letterman ended his talk show career on CBS last night. And, while pundits credited him with re-inventing late night television, Safe America would add he gave us new ‘staples’ for thought. One was his nightly ‘Top Ten’ List.

In recognition of his popular feature, we’ve created our own ‘Top 10 List’ for Safety.

Safe America’s TOP TEN LIST for Safety

  1. No one should ever get hurt and have their life cut short by a preventable accident.
  2. An accident actually in real life isn’t funny; it’s just plain stupid.
  3. People who live long lives are funnier almost every day!
  4. Multi-tasking while driving is like trying to eat and swim at the same time – it’s just not doable!
  5. Having smart children – who know how to text – means you won’t have to talk to them in an emergency (which may be a good thing!)
  6. Having more schools participate in Safe America’s ‘Chalk One Up for Safety’ art program may improve the look of sidewalks!
  7. If more middle school youth did our ‘Safe Tomorrows’ curriculum, they’d likely get better grades in school (because they’d practice more writing skills!).
  8. Being ‘Prepared, Not Scared (TM)’ could eliminate the ‘horror’ of zombie drills!
  9. If more people participate in our ‘Drill Team’ preparedness exercise, you’d have something else to do during half-time at boring football games!
  10. Having more people text $10 to Safe America (the word ‘SAFE’ to 80077) would make everyone’s pocket lighter – helping us curb the growing obesity caused by fat wallets!
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Lassiter ROTC Cadets Paint ‘Home Front’ Vet Center; Preview Set for Weds at Noon at Atlanta Medical Center 

Thanks to Lt. Bill Wilkerson and his Lassiter High School cadets for donating over 100 hours in updating the new “Home Front” Veterans Transition Center located on the Atlanta Medical Center campus. The youth spent Saturday painting 8 offices that will be used to provide services to returning veterans and their families. 

The teens are just the lastest in a series of volunteers that are supporting this initiative. Others include: The Home Depot, Montlick & Associates, WSB-TV, Sprint, Coca-Cola, UPS, Allstate agents Rod Brown, Greg Cavellier, Valerie Randolph, Bill Kelly, Rob Longyear, Carolyn Penzo, Dan Foreman, Greg Siedenhauer, Briana Gordon, Tom Bubel, Andre Gilliard and Bill Wise.

A thanks, also, to John Berry and Kevin Barbee from St. Vincent de Paul Georgia, who  have also offered their assistance. Other non-profits stepping up to help include:

       – the American Red Cross… Led by Carla Dillard Homer and Olivia Garrisson

       – the Mission Continues, led by Sean Walker

And the GA Department of Labor, led by Charlie Pugh

To volunteer, contact Matt Thome at 770-973-7233

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Kudos to 2014 Safe America Board Chairman Steve Mason


A heartfelt thanks to outgoing Board Chairman Steve Mason (CEO of Tampa Bay’s predominant health system, BayCare). As the blog entry below notes, Steve envisioned how we could improve Safe America’s effectiveness this next year through a strategic planning retreat. Steve was ‘spot on.’

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Board Names Strategic Planning Committee; Focuses on 2015 Goals

Outgoing Chairman Steve Mason is a thoughtful leader. And, even as he was readying to turn over the chairmanship this month to Bob Schurke, he focused on one last, significant piece of business: plotting out the Foundation’s short- and long-term direction.

Steve helped me identify a seven-person committee to work on a short-term objectives, including development of new Board leadership and a strong financial plan, utilizing both program sponsorships and the CEO Corps membership.

Our Strategic Planning Committee met at the National Press Club recently… And walked away with some basic goals. Those objectives, goals and tactics were captured in a document that will be shared with the incoming Board later this month.

My thanks to Steve for his taking the time to suggest a planning process that is bringing greater focus to future actions. And, to the Committee members who joined Mary Lou and I on March 20: Vincent Paladini, John Mallen, Harold Cohen and Gene Swanzey all seen in group photo taken that day at the National Press Club).

I look forward to sharing more as the year unfolds…and as the plan takes effect.




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