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Boeing’s 737 MAX. It looked like a good plane

But After 2 Major Crashes that Killed 350 People, Should You Fly on It?

That’s a good question. And, as Southwest and Delta are saying they’re confident this version of the 737 is safe, there are others who are worried.

It’s an issue worth discussing… and that’s why we’re including it as a topic for the “Spring Symposium” at the Federal Reserve Bank.

Safe America is inviting both aviators, pilots and Federal Aviation Administration officials to discuss what may have caused recent international crashes… and what can be done to protect all domestic passengers. Our goal is to host a series of conversations that leads to greater security. Safety’s an important job. Know that as a member of Safe America, you’ll get a first-hand look at topics that impact us like this. And, many others.

To join us, register at www.safeamerica.org. Or call (770)-973-SAFE.