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Written by Len Pagano, CEO of Safe America

Here’s a question: why have Daylight Savings Time in March when you’re adding darkness for kids going to school?  This is a reason the Safe America Foundation is inviting PTA leaders and other school administrators to attend Brain Camp on Saturday, March 23 and sign a ‘turn the clock back’ petition sheet that we will share with Governor Brian Kemp.

During Brain Camp, Safe America will also talk about other significant issues: what Cobb Schools are doing to protect students and teachers from active shooters. And, whether having scooters on Atlanta sidewalks and roads is wise.

The event – to be held at the Cobb Safety Village – expects over 300 parents and youth from both middle and high schools Sponsors include the Allstate Foundation (addressing distracted driving WellStar (who will discuss health concerns such as human trafficking); the importance of having teens learn driver’s ed); and, the legal firm, Montlick & Associates (who will share how to deal with car crashes and legal concerns).

A new sponsor – Chick-Fil-A – is offering students to compete to win a ‘free’ chicken meal EVERY WEEK for the rest of 2019 by showing their commitment to ‘not being chicken about safety.’ Georgia Theatre Company has also offered movie tickets for youth who complete successfully an online ‘Smart Talk’ questionnaire and then ‘pass’ a safety quiz in person at ‘Brain Camp.’

Schools are invited to compete for $500 via the ‘Chalk One Up For Safety’ art contest. The visual art – which will be drawn Saturday morning on asphalt at Safety Village – will show how youth think safety needs to be practiced – in cars, on computers, in sports and other life situations.

“We’ve had thousands of parents and youth attend ‘Brain Camp’ over the past 10 years – and it’s always encouraging to see young people learning how to be safer,’ noted Safe America President Len Pagano. “Whether you’re in a classroom, on a sports practice field, in a car or on a scooter, you really have to use your brain and consider how to avoid risks. We’re proud to see young people using Brain Camp to pick up more habits that will keep them safe for decades to come.”

Do You Think Scooters Are Safe Ways to Go a Block-or-Two Versus Walking?

There are over 100 scooters being ‘left’ across Atlanta sidewalks every morning. And, while it seems to speed a person’s ability to get around downtown, it’s also brought a number of accidents. In fact, recent statistics show more than 80-100 people have been hit by cars – and some scooter riders have been responsible for causing crashes.

What should we do – not just in Atlanta but across major cities – as this continues? Should we force scooter rental firms to include bike helmets to protect riders? Or, should we outlaw their use? These are questions that we’ll discuss at Brain Camp on Saturday, March 23 at the Cobb County Safety Village. If you’re a parent, you may want to be part of the conversation. Other topics impacting safe driving… with a basic goal of reducing risks and protecting lives (wherever you live… and however you ‘get to work’).