CEO Network

The CEO Network offers Executives a chance to be ‘out front’ on issues that impact the country. And position them to learn new tools and services that can protect themselves as well as their employees and communities.

Join us every six months as we host major leaders for discussions on the ‘five pillars’ of safety and health - cyber/technology, transportation, community safety (including helping veterans), disaster preparedness and global issues.

BE Safe America Briefings

Attend briefings in major cities that are held annually to advise you on what tactics may minimize your exposure to risks - and how to reduce expenses like insurance costs! Learn more from data analytics that help you provide your firm - and community - with ways to resolve issues like the Opioid Crisis and human trafficking. And, sign up to be a national leader on one of our task forces.

WorldSafe Relief

Be part of our WorldSafe initiative that has coalesced NGOs, government and businesses to provide relief supplies post-disasters. Also connect with our WorldSafe ‘Network,’ which includes large NGOs like the American Red Cross as well as special non-profits with unique roles such as MAP International (which provides pharmaceuticals); Rasmussen - Swanzey (addressing data analytics) and  Continuity Insights (which helps define the ‘future’ of business continuity).

Fall Forum 2019

Join us December 8 2019 at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta as we brief senior executives on critical issues facing the U.S. in health and safety in 2020. As a CEO Network member, you’ll also included in this year’s WorldSafe ‘Gala,’ rubbing shoulders with the top ‘safety champions’ in North America! You’ll also receive an early bird RSVP option for the 2020 Spring Symposium (also planned for the Federal Reserve).