Join us on December 7 for the ‘COVID Conclusion’ Summit at the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta. Georgia Pacific Foundation President Curley Dossman will sponsor the event that will include honoring individuals, companies and non-profits who receive our 2022 WorldSafe Awards.

Joel Babbit, CEO of Narrative Content Group, will be recipient of a 2022 ‘Worldsafe Award’ for outstanding work to ‘tell important stories well’ and to help Safe America ‘be the vision of protecting lives.’  Our goal: to assess ways to ‘Keep Safety Popular’ and advance Worldsafe in 2022… with more memberships in our ‘CEO Network (community enhancement officers).


Event co-host is Owenby Jones Wealth Management Managing Partner Jeff Jones who inspired Safe America’s new ‘donor advised fund.‘ Non-profits invited to join the WorldSafe Alliance – and receive ‘donor advised funds’ – include the Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance (GIPA), DAV, the National Association of Counties, International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), 100 Black Men, Knights of Columbus and the Puerto Rican ‘Fraternal Society of Mercy’ (FSM). Firms invited to explain how ‘COVID Conclusion’ is coming are: the UPS Foundation; Primerica Foundation; and the Fulton DeKalb Hospital Authority. Together with ‘WorldSafe Alliance members,’ the Summit will discuss new ways to help protect people and determine how future disasters can be resolved through cooperation.Tickets are available (in person). To reserve afternoon tickets or tables for the evening’s ‘Popular Gala,‘ call Carol Pilgrim at (770)-973-SAFE or email And thanks to the ‘Think Tank‘ members who attended our September 9 event at 1 World Trade Center (aka, ‘Freedom Tower’) in Manhattan. Together, we will go deeper into new tactics to address future disaster resiliency and help launch our ‘Leap Forward’ global drill campaign in 2024.