Global ‘Cyber Exercise’ Planned Event will be Focal Point of Day 1 at WorldSafe Summit on October 26, 2017!


How will firms react to a major cyber ‘shutdown’ or hacking malware attack?

That’s the question behind Safe America conducting a global cyber exercise during the October WorldSafe Summit. The Safe America Foundation – through its WorldSafe Initiative – is sponsoring a ‘live event’ that will go inter-continental, from London-to-Atlanta-to-New York-to-Sydney, Australia.


“Our goal is to help business and community leaders evaluate how to handle a major catastrophic event – whether it’s an interruption in the Internet or something directed at a specific function like financial transactions or the power grid,” said Safe America CEO Len Pagano. “We hear so much about malware – and how hacking is going to disruptive to our society – that we want to enhance awareness of solutions and practice how business, government and everyday individuals can respond     and recover.”

Len Pagano, President & CEO Safe America Foundation

The exercise will feature Avalance TTX, a unique scenario training software developed by Avalias CEO Harold Wolpert. The software can be used for all types of scenarios including cyber, active shooter, emergency response, testing business continuity plans etc, and be applied at either a strategic or operational level.

Wolpert, an Australian exercise and training expert, says he hopes the drill will lead to an annual event that can eventually involve hundreds of companies worldwide.

Harold Wolpert

“Protecting our society today requires a cyber ‘safety plan’ at a much higher level,” Woldpert noted. “Through this exercise – and the WorldSafe Initiative – we hope to engage an ongoing task force that will work to promote ongoing drills and standards that will protect every society from being shut down.” Harold Wolpert – CEO Avalias

Heading the Safe America task force planning the exercise is Jessica Robinson, co-author of “Mission Unstoppable” and owner of the #1 company for women-led and/or owned businesses and organizations and winner of the JCI Philippines-New York ICON of IMPACT Award for International Affairs and Women's Security, believes the exercise will help bridge the gap for greater physical and cyber security. She noted the October program is part of a ‘Cycurity’ program being developed by Safe America under its WorldSafe initiative

Jessica Robinson

“Our goal is to engage people not only across North America but in Europe and Asia – and women as well as men,” Ms. Robinson noted. “we have a unique mission to help bridge the gap between physical and cyber safety – pairing the natural perspective of safety with the emerging risks we all see as personally and professionally critical.”
Robinson encourages those interested in being better prepared to handle cyber incidents to register now to be a ‘player’ in the cyber exercise. To sign up, go to and sign up as a WorldSafe Summit attendee.

Jessica Robinson CEO – PurePoint International