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Damion Olinger Signs Up for ‘Leadership Service’ Role

Damion Olinger was hired this week to serve Safe America and grow CEO Network memberships… while also helping engage volunteers for ‘leadership service.’ A current priority is helping get people COVID vaccinations. CEO Len Pagano reports that Mr. Olinger is researching a way to use our ‘SEAT Fleet’ (of ambulances and cars) to get people to medical care and vaccinated. With other volunteers, we’ll also relaunch VET Tran rides to doctors.

“Damion’s a great guy – with a great heart,” noted Len Pagano. “We’re pleased that with his youth, he’s using his energy to get more things done quickly – and protect people. This is going to be good for a number of our agendas – and I look forward to Damion also recruiting more people who’ll join in and help!”

Damion will be previewed in upcoming CEO Network Zoom calls on Thursday mornings. To join in, contact Joe Caprara at (770)-384-7937.

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  1. Alyssa Mathis

    Glad to have met Damion… I think everyone should meet him!! He’s doing great work – and helping us raise more funds. I think that’s because people like him – and get the good he’s promoting!

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