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Daylight Savings Time Has Brought March into Darkness…

Daylight Savings Time Has Brought March into Darkness…

(Is This Really SAFE for Kids Getting on School Buses in the Morning?)

A bus collision in South Georgia killed a 5-year-old boy

Here’s a question: why have Daylight Savings Time in March when you’re adding darkness for kids going to school?  This is a reason the Safe America Foundation is inviting PTA leaders and other school administrators to the Federal Reserve Bank on April 16… for a Spring Symposium.

We’ll be talking about other significant issues: active shooters, driving with cell phones and whether having scooters in Atlanta is wise. Join us if you want to protect lives and reduce the risks that cause serious injuries and death.

Care to be part of this conversation? Then join us by registering at www.safeamerica.org or call (770)-973-SAFE.

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