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Daylight Savings Time: Should It Be Limited – or Extended?

While students are now out-of-school, a question has emerged: should Daylight Savings Time re-launch as early as March, making morning skies dark til nearly 8 am? With school buses having to pick up students in the dark, the question Safe America has wondered is ‘is this safe?’ “Maybe it’s nice to have more light in the evening, but would children be at greater risk in the morning?” asked Safe America CEO Len Pagano. “We’re going to address this topic this November during our ‘Fall Forum’ – hoping that leaders can consider whether this is smart.”

Pagano noted that there’s also an interest in making Daylights Savings Time ‘standard’ – meaning, it will remain intact during ALL Winter months (November – February). Political leaders are also debating whether states in New England may go on ‘Atlantic Time Zone’ with Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. More debates are anticipated over the coming months. For now, if you’re interested in sharing your thoughts, contact Safe America at (770)-973-SAFE.