Disaster Preparedness

The Expanded Disaster Resiliency Platform

This fall, Safe America will work with Governor Rossello’ and his wife, Beatriz, to help increase ‘practice drills’ within communities, businesses and families. We’ll also offer content online, with forums describing what are ‘new tools’ that can protect people – and what kind of training can be done. Beyond climatological disasters, we’ll be focusing on:

  • Dealing with active shooters
  • Evaluating cyber risks to communities via hackers, plus
  • Addressing the rise in opioid and human trafficking dilemmas

 Lt. General Russel Honore’ (ret - USA)

Through a collaboration with Lt. General Russel Honore’ (ret - USA), Safe America is developing an online training program to help families, communities and businesses be ‘ready’ to survive any catastrophic event - whether a hurricane, tornado, wildfire, active shooter or terrorist. And, learn more and call Stephen George to register for training at (770)-973-SAFE. (Note: corporate members can get special discounts that include an initial audit to evaluate what may help you protect your employees and/or your community!


Disaster Preparedness Guide

Learn how to build a business continuity program for your firm or community and be part of a year-round ‘BE Safe America’ program that provides briefings on how to assemble the ‘best’ level of protection – pre-during and after a disaster.

For $99, download an initial lesson on ‘how to be ready to survive a disaster’ plus:

  • Learning about children’s reaction to a disaster
  • Planning ahead for surviving a disaster
  • Creating a ‘safety kit’ for your family – in your home AND your car
  • Downloading the best apps for your smart phones
  • Training yourself, your family and employees how to survive an active shooter
  • Planning a safety drill – whether it be for a school, church or business
  • Competing for national honors via the ‘BE Safe America’ / drill season
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