Fulton County has a new Opioid Czar …

Lynnette Allen, who was appointed in May, has been selected as Fulton County’s first opioid coordinator, and she “plans to use every resource she has at her disposal to stop the drug crisis afflicting the county.”  She will address substance abuse as well as mental health issues and will focus on the evidence based programs that are already established “to combat this opioid epidemic,” Allen said in an interview. She will also monitor the work of first responders, making sure “they have the training to handle opioid and heroin-related emergencies and be able to use that training when appropriate.”  Allen is a Cobb County resident.  Allen’s position “was created by the Fulton Board of Commissioners to coordinate all of the anti-opioid programs and preventive efforts throughout the county.” In 2017, Fulton became the first county in Georgia to join litigation against drug manufacturers for their role in the opioid crisis.  Allen said opioid abuse impacts not only the drug user but also their families.  “Many times that includes children who are displaced from their homes because their parents are using,” she said. “We need to make sure people are aware of the many other problems that arise from opioid abuse.”


Bill Baldowski, Marietta Daily Journal. June 27, 2018Allen: Fulton focusing on abuse, mental health in opioid crisis