Synopsis of: ‘Mysterious void’ sinkhole discovered next to train tracks after Storm Eleanor …Engineers say ground around opening appears to be ‘shifting’

There are many transportation safety issues which are worthy of discussion.  This post will focus on train safety …in particular maintenance, weather, equipment, and infrastructure and how it all ties together with regard to train safety.

In the United Kindom, a “4ft deep and 2ft wide” sinkhole has formed near the train tracks near Harrington.  Even more alarming …there are reports the ground around the sinkhole is “shifting”.

Network Rail manages the UK’s railway infrastructure.  It says: “Engineers are working to repair and make safe the section of line after the mysterious void appeared yesterday in the wake of Storm Eleanor.”

“In theory running the railway is simple. But in practice, when you throw storms, wind, waves and sinkholes into the mix, it gets more complicated.”

The railroad’s spokesperson also states: “Sinkholes are very unusual on the railway.”  Having said that, sea erosion is considered among possible causes.  The railroad reports that there have been 50 sinkholes on the railway in the past 12 years.

In conclusion, I ask the reader …what are some possible Next Steps and Best Practices which might be leveraged to help solve the apparent increase in sinkhole hazard to train infrastructure.

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