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Driving Safe with Safe America

Driving Safe with Safe America

Imagine walking a tightrope blindfolded. Now imagine walking that same tightrope with multiple people and everyone is blindfolded. Does not sound safe, does it? Well, every time you pick up your phone while driving, you put on a blindfold, even if it’s only for a few seconds. That is what the House Bill 673 also known as the “Hands-Free Law” is trying to prevent.
In short, the law states that you may not support your phone with any part of your body. Period. If you have to ask whether something is allowed, think about if it’s an unsafe practice, and it’s probably not allowed. Here is a short list of do’s and don’ts;


  • Use hands-free devices to facilitate phone calls
  • Use in-car Bluetooth systems
  • Control your phone’s music streaming through vehicle controls


  • DO NOT hold your device, whether it’s between your head and shoulder, in your hands, on your lap, etc.
  • You CANNOT watch videos, have video calls, or anything that can take your attention off the road
    • An exception is when it is used for navigationRelated image

The Safe America Foundation is working with many organizations to help people understand the law, and be safer drivers. This includes running our very own driving school, promoting the new hands-free law, working with AT&T and their “It Can Wait” campaign, and many others.