Len Pagano - CEO, Founder

Len Pagano, Founder & CEO of Safe America, is a social entrepreneur who has spent over 30 years developing communication programs that address key issues across North America. Mr. Pagano launched the 501(c) 3 organization with a $1 million grant from the Travelers Insurance Foundation.

Mary Lou Pagano - COO

Mary Lou Pagano is the Chief Operating Officer for the Safe America Foundation. Mary Lou oversees all programs, staff, and is responsible for executing the mission of the Safe America Foundation. Her main goal is to direct efforts for the Safe America Foundation to save lives.  

Bob Surrusco - EVP

At the Safe America Foundation, Bob Surrusco is the Executive Vice President of Training as well as the General Manager. As the General Manager, he oversees the facility, administrative details and financial audits.  As the EVP of Training, he has developed and executed numerous safety and injury prevention projects related to natural disasters, pandemics, attacks, and social distancing.

Ted Waldbart – SVP

Ted Waldbart’s is the Senior Vice President for Veterans Assistance and the Welcome Home, Heroes! program, which aims to provide veterans with resources to find work, locate housing, get financial advice or assistance, and more. Ted conducts a series of talks and seminars at Safe America’s Home Front Veterans Center, at their offices within Atlanta Medical Center, in downtown Atlanta.

Angie Haddad – VP

Angie Haddad serves as Safe America's Vice President of Communications, handling social media direction, marketing, and public relations.