First Spouse Program

The First Spouses Campaign is an initiative by the Safe America Foundation to involve First Families throughout the United States and its territories in encouraging emergency preparedness with their citizens.

The Capital Leadership Network salutes The First Spouses for their Commitment to Helping Lead Safety Forward!!

Together with the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL), Safe America is working to advance health and safety issues coast-to-coast!

Tonette Walker – Wisconsin

Cecile de Jongh – Virgin Islands

Wilma Pastrana – Puerto Rico (Español)

Stephanie Chafee – Rhode Island

Lucé Vela – Puerto Rico (Español)

Donna Walker – Alaska

Ginger Beebe – Arkansas

Wilma Pastrana – Puerto Rico (English)

Carla Markell – Delaware

Lucé Vela – Puerto Rico (English)

Mike Haley – South Carolina

Carol Mead – Wyoming

Joanne Jaeger Tomblin – West Virginia

Lady Dianne Bentley – Alabama

Gayle Manchin – West Virginia

Establishing First Spouses as Preparedness Role Models!

Our History

Championed initially by former First Lady of West Virginia, Gayle Manchin, in 2010, the program has grown to include support and participation from First Spouses in over 35 states/territories, from Maine to Alaska.The Safe America Foundation developed the First Spouses Campaign, as part of its 'BE Safe America' disaster preparedness program. The Foundation sought to work with Governors Spouses, (known collectively as First Spouses), across the country, to promote disaster readiness to all Americans.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the public on the Foundation’s “Text First. Talk Second” message  - using texting for non-critical communications after an emergency or disaster. First Spouses play many different roles in the lives of their citizens and they are able to address topics without having a partisan sub-context attached to their message.They are logical advocates for building safer communities as well as encouraging greater self-reliance by their state's citizens.

This map illustrates the states in which First Spouses are currently in this effort.

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