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Growing Global ‘Exposure’ with PWI

Growing Global ‘Exposure’ with PWI

SNN is telling more and more stories on YouTube. But what’s getting social media subscribers to learn about our reports? A Chicago-based firm – called Project World Impact – is helping ‘tell Safe America’s stories.’

Thanks to PWI CEO Chris Lesner, Safe America was awarded a $90,000 in Google Ads this year – helping reach over 3,700 readers on our website and SNN since February!!

“We’re proud of getting more viewers to see our work,” noted Safe America CEO Len Pagano. “Thanks to Chris and his non-profit liaison Austin, we’re reaching people worldwide – and will be able to do more good to SAVE LIVES through our safety (and educational) reports on SNN and our websites.”

Pagano noted that Mr. Lesner is being invited to help reach out to global non-profits to attend our Sept. 9 ‘Fall Forum’ in New York City. That event – commemorating the 20th anniversary of 9/11 – will focus on how to improve disaster response in the next 5-10 years… while also growing our ‘WorldSafe Alliance’ (among non-profits). MAP International CEO Steve Stirling and Red Cross Disaster Response Director Earl Brown are among two non-profit executives that Safe America plans to involve this September. Others invited include: GA Intellectual Property Alliance (GIPA) Chairman Scott Frank (CEO of AT&T Intellectual Property); IAEM Executive Beth Armstrong; Operation HOPE CEO John Hope Bryant; and UPS Foundation President Nicole Clifton (who has supported Safe America for over 5 years – along with UPS Foundation Vice President Joe Ruiz).

“With Google Ads and PWI helping promote SNN and our WorldSafe Initiative, we’re going to do more good to save lives,” Pagano noted. “I look forward to sharing more of our new SafeAmerica and WorldSafe apps – and having others more people become CEOs through our ‘Community Enhancement Officers’ Network.”