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Harris Blackwood Named Executive VP for Transportation for Safe America


Former Director of the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GHSA) Harris Blackwood has been named Executive Vice President of Safe America’s Transportation Safety Division

Will Launch New Programs Coast-to-Coast

The appointment – made by Foundation President & CEO Len Pagano – is a strategic move to expand Safe America’s innovative work both regionally and nationally in transportation safety.

Pagano noted that Mr. Blackwood will be working on new concepts to improve urban and rural safety while looking at innovative uses of drones for public response. He emphasizes a goal of improving transportation in urban areas while determining new ways to help those with no transportation, such as veterans, opioid addicts and human trafficking victims.

“Making people safer while moving – and helping the next generation learn the habits they need to know – are primary objectives for Safe America,” Pagano observed. “We’re pleased to have one of the country’s most outstanding public leaders join us and look to engage others – from GHSA leaders to those in the automotive, airline and rail industries.”

Blackwood noted that he is looking forward to training events such as Safe America’s spring ‘Brain Camp’ on March 23 at the Cobb Safety Village. He said he will be reaching out to public schools administrators inviting their students to the event and added that he will invite other leaders in law enforcement and transportation to the ‘Spring Symposium’ at the Federal Reserve Bank on April 16.

“When you consider what Safe America has done nationally over 25 years, you really get impressed with its importance,” Blackwood said. “Through my contacts as the Vice Chairman of the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA), I’ll look to take some new ideas from coast-to-coast, promoting what we can do to save lives and increase the millennial generation as safety champions.”

Mr. Blackwood was appointed by Governor Nathan Deal as Director of Georgia’s Governor Office of Highway Safety and served in this capacity for 8 years. He accepted the new Safe America executive post after Governor Deal completed his administration.

Mr. Blackwood has begun evaluating how Safe America can help minimize traffic crashes and save lives of pedestrians and bicyclists. He is conceptualizing a series of new programs including one that may be launched this year in places like Albany, Macon and Savannah; he is also anticipating ways to advance auto recalls; and he will evaluate the use of autonomous vehicles and improve driver training with simulators.

Mr. Blackwood will be a Safe America public speaker, addressing groups such as the Governor’s Highway Safety Association and other organizations such as the National Safety Council and civic clubs like the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs.

For more information, contact Mr. Blackwood at harris.blackwood@safeamerica.org or call him at (770)-973-SAFE.