Let’s All Join Hands and Protect America!

Written by Len Pagano, CEO of Safe America Foundation

Safe America’s Engagement Committee Chairman Henry Edinger (left) and CEO Len Pagano (right) thank President Marty Shaub and Executive Director Beth Armstrong for their partnering on BE Safe America in New York recently.

Since 2002, the Safe America Foundation – together with IAEM– has involved 4 million people in practicing how to survive disasters. YOUR ORGANIZATION can help lead in taking this to 5 million by:

  • Hosting a community event or exercise
  • Training leaders, elected officials online
  • Participating in a Capitol Hill ‘Safety-thon’
  • Attending a ‘Fall Forum’ at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta
  • Sponsoring our ‘Safety Zone’ at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Sign up by calling Stephen George at (678)-437-4116 and be a leader in protecting America.