Human trafficking is becoming a growing crisis in our world, and Atlanta is also seeing a high incidence of this unfortunate illegal activity.  The Safe America Foundation has joined forces with others in the community to combat human trafficking and address ways to protect our citizens.  

Members of the Safe America staff attended events in DC and New York last year and will participate in symposiums and more outreach events.  We are working with the Clayton County Police Department on helping victims and providing the needed resources once rescued.

Other recent efforts in fighting human trafficking is create a greater awareness of the abundance of this happening right in our community.  We recently hosted a Safe Communites Luncheon to address the needs, and we conducted a social media campaign about the danger of this matter.

We are raising money and providing supplies for human trafficking victims.  Together, with other committed community leaders, we are hopeful we can reduce the incidence of this horrific problem and bring comfort to those who have been victimized.