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Iris-Sensing’s North America CEO Honored

Iris-Sensing’s North America CEO Honored

Nguvi Kahiha, the CEO of Iris-Sensing in the United States, Mexico and Canada, has been honored a 2022 award this week for what he’s done to help Safe America and the WorldSafe Institute. CEO Len Pagano gave Mr. Kahiha a ‘Saving All Mankind‘ (SAM) Award… noting that Mr. Kahiha has helped Safe America expand its leadership connections in Germany as well as across Europe. Pagano noted that Mr. Kahiha has also helped recruit more CEOs in North America to engage in Safe America. And, is serving on the Safe America Executive Committee – helping raise funds.

“Nguvi Kahiha is a great executive who cares to save lives,” Pagano noted. “Thanks to Nguvi, we’re getting more firms to consider roles with us. And, I expect in 2023 we’ll be talking more around North America – and Europe – thanks to Mr. Kahiha’s care to help make the ‘world safer.'”

Last year, Safe America selected Mr. Kahiha as the Chairman of the CEO Network. He also accepted a role on the Executive Committee and has served as the Foundation’s Treasurer.

“You can’t always get a CEO as this committed – but Nguvi has been involved for over a decade – and really wants to make Safe America the ‘premiere non-profit’ serving all across the world,” Pagano observed. “I look forward to more advice from Nguvi and having more time with him to learn his insights into how we can do more good around-the-world.”