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USA Opening Again in June… Despite Ongoing Coronavirus

USA Opening Again in June… Despite Ongoing Coronavirus

While COVID-19 continues to be a tragic medical factor, the country is beginning to re-open its doors – with more people returning to work and restaurants re-opening. The question that many face is “how do we return to ‘normal’ but still stay safe – and is social distancing keeping us ‘away’ from shaking hands and hugging people?”

The Safe America Foundation continues to observe what’s going on. And, is scheduling a meeting on Thursday, June 18, to evaluate how to ‘protect America.’ The conversation will include people in-person as well as others via ZOOM – so no one has to be risked. Among those being invited are Board members, sponsors and other non-profits like the Red Cross, Knights of Columbus, IAEM and youthSpark – that we have worked with.

“Where do we go from here – and how do we keep safety a TOP ISSUE in America is a question we’ll be asking,” noted CEO Len Pagano. “For us, we’ll study getting more information out there – via our new Safe America app – and keep people informed on how they can be a “CEO” through our Community Enhancement Officers’ program coast-to-coast.”

Pagano added thanks to #Cloud9Online and its owners – Delanea Davis and Henry Edinger – for their work in developing our new app that will feature meditations that can help reduce stress from any issue as well as resolve addictions to Opioid and Vape products. He added a special thanks to Delanea for her donation to Safe America via her new  

“We’re grateful for the great work Delanea and Henry have done – and look forward to sharing more about the meditations that are included to reduce mental stress,” Pagano noted. “With the growing mental stress that everyone has, we’re pleased to have our new app getting out now – and look forward to sharing it with thousands of people and friends in both for-profit firms like UPS (who has offered much support and help to our disaster response work) and other non-profit partners.”

To learn more about the app or to be included in the June 18 discussion, contact Senior Vice President Joe Caprara at (770)-384-7937 or email him at joe.caprara@safeamerica.org.