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Kaiser Permanente Supports “VET Tran”

Kaiser Permanente Supports “VET Tran”

With the 4th of July coming, the Safe America Foundation is ‘saluting’ Kaiser Permanente – for its support of VET Tran. The program is re-launching in Metro Atlanta… with growing support from Enterprise, Primerica, AMR and Kaiser Permanente.

CEO Len Pagano thanked Kaiser Permanente’s Deputy Director of Military Services,Terrill McFarland, for her offering support. He noted that Safe America will help get TRICARE to veterans who aren’t able to drive – bringing them to 4 Metro Atlanta Kaiser Permanente medical centers (in Southwood, Gwinnett, Cumberland and Town Center).

“When you think of getting medical care, that’s very important,” Pagano noted. “Sensing Kaiser Permanente’s support of helping provide medical – and transportation – that’s really special.”

Ms. McFarland and Mr. Pagano plan to continue conversations this summer… and will work to help make the VET Tran program in Georgia a national ‘model.’

Other states – including California and New York – have also expressed interest in having VET Tran be expanded into their area.

For more information, contact Vice President Carol Pilgrim at (770)-973-7233.