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Meet Stacey Gregory – ‘Homeless Mom’

Meet Stacey Gregory – ‘Homeless Mom’

Ever meet a homeless person? There are 106,119 homeless women across the U.S. – with 260,284 homeless men. Go into cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta and you’ll ‘meet them’ at traffic lights.

Today, Safe America ‘met’ one – a 43-year-old mother… who had 8 children (with several doing great work). But for 10 years, Stacey Gregory has been homeless.

Thanks to her wonderful personality, we were inspired to help her. And, thanks to Bigger Vision in Athens, GA, Stacey was invited to spend this evening – versus sitting out on bench on Boulevard street.

In a private conversation, Stacey offered HER HELP to others – noting that she understood that ‘living on earth gives you the chance to inherit Heaven after life.’ Stacey offered to do good work – helping others who may currently be homeless and then spending more time with her 8 children.

How can we help make America ‘safer’ is a question… as there is 14% increase in homelessness of CHILDREN!!  Through our new ‘donor advised fund,’ SafeAmerica will look to help Bigger Vision and other non-profits – to make life ‘better.’

For now, we pray that Stacey will continue to renovate her life… and tell more stories on SNN (on your YouTube channel).  Stacey, incidentally, is praying to God, also – to make sure others survive.