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Puerto Rico Ties with Safe America to Lead Safety

Puerto Rico Ties with Safe America to Lead Safety

Safe America has signed an ‘Amigos Unidos’ agreement with the President of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, with the goal of having Caribbean executives be included in the WorldSafe alliance.

The agreement – signed recently – will seek to involve Puerto Ricans in the ‘CEO Network’ that addresses solutions to COVID-19 and other health and safety risks.

“We’re delighted to engage Puerto Rico businessmen and women since we all face the same risks,” noted Len Pagano. “Puerto Rico has been a delightful island – with leaders who can help address the risks we all face – whether it’s in North America or the Caribbean.”

More details will evolve this fall as Puerto Ricans will be invited to attend the WorldSafe Fall Forum on Nov. 7 in Atlanta. For tickets, contact Joe Caprara at (770)-384-7937.