New Orleans ‘Patron Saint’ Joins Safe America Board; Named ‘Spokesman’ for BE Safe America Campaign!

Russ Honore Large

General Honore’, acclaimed for helping Americans be ‘prepared, not scared’ in future disasters, will be among those speaking at the WorldSafe Summit in Atlanta on Octcober 26-27.

General Honore’, whose charismatic personality is well-known for encouraging Americans to be ‘ready to handle tough situations and survive,’ will use the Conference to encourage more emergency preparedness by both individuals, families and communities.

Honore’ and his business associate, Glenn Farrar, will assess ways communities can be better prepared for future catastrophic events – whether climatic, active shooter or terrorist. A unique feature will be their explaining how faith-based organizations (i.e. churches and synagogues) can help make communities better able to minimize disasters’ impact. To meet Honore’, sign up now for the WorldSafe Summit at

AT&T Intellectual Property CEO to Join Honore’ and Be Featured at WorldSafe Summit!

Scott Frank

AT&T CEO for Intellectual Property Scott Frank – who oversees the world’s largest inventory of intellectual property including rights to more than 12,000 patents - will speak about rewarding those who offer new safety ‘innovations’ – much like people who produce new patents.

Mr. Frank, who lives in Metro Atlanta,  will suggest that incentivizing safety engineers to ‘think big’ is important to transition to life-protecting technology such as 5G wireless and autonomous vehicles.

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