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Safe America Focuses on Saving Lives

Encourages Voters to Save 1 Million Lives Per Year

By Concluding That Abortion is ‘Unacceptable’

& Voting for Pro-Life Candidates

Foundation Will Also Honor Leaders Nov. 7 Who Save Pre-Born Babies


(Atlanta, GA) – The Safe America Foundation notes that the upcoming election is an important time to        ‘re-think what abortion does, and advocates for adoption in its place’. Foundation CEO Len Pagano noted that while a number of politicians are promoting pro-choice, the reality is they’re endorsing the killing of pre-born babies who have the right to life as a person separate from their mother. Women are encouraged to choose adoption for their baby over abortion.


“We salute ministers, priests, media and politicians who have been reminding voters to ‘examine the life factor’ and realize that every abortion kills a baby,” noted Pagano. “We salute those committed to saving American lives. There were 862,320* babies aborted in 2017.  Our society is not treating them as ‘true human beings’ with a right to life. 


Pagano commended LifeNews media for showcasing the important factors that impact pre-born babies and awarded Georgia Representative Ed Setzler for helping pass legislation that made abortions unacceptable once a fetus’ heart was ‘beating.’  Others commended include: Dallas, Texas Baptist Minister Robert Jeffress; Catholic Priests – Father James Altman of Wisconsin and Father Edward Meeks of Maryland – for encouraging voters to consciously consider pro-life a ‘factor’ in the election. He also honored Orange County, California and its District Attorneys Todd Spitzer and former DA Tony Rackauckas for finalizing a $7.5Mm settlement and stopping two firms – DV Biologics and DaVinci Biosciences – from selling fetus parts ‘for-profit. Pagano also commended President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for  being pro-life.


 “The best election outcome this fall would be to reject the abortion of full term 9-month-old pre-born babies. Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Atheist or Muslim, it may be legal – but it is not morally ethical.”


Pagano said that while Safe America is not endorsing politicians, he acknowledged that pro-Life candidates are commendable.’We encourage voters to realize that allowing babies to be partially born – and then aborted – is an inhumane act killing a pre-born baby.’ 


Pagano estimated that millions of voters will support President Trump since he supports pro-life. “Americans should reconsider abortion as an acceptable solution since it kills a pre-delivered child. If  doctors can deliver babies successfully from 5-9 months of pregnancy, then why should we partially deliver a child and then kill him or her instead? A baby can be delivered and placed with an adoptive family.


Pagano encouraged Democrats to reconsider being pro-choice since it kills babies who are future Americans. 

 He encouraged pregnant women, of both parties, to reconsider abortion as not being an acceptable ‘planned parenthood.’ 


Ed Setzler and others will be honored with ‘WorldSafe Awards’ on November 7 at the ‘WorldSafe Fall Forum.’  To attend at the Georgia International Convention Center, call Carol Pilgrim at (770)-973-SAFE.


* – Guttmacher Institute statistic; Since 1973 and Roe vs. Wade, 61 million babies in America have been aborted.