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Safe America Foundation Leases Atlanta Airport Kiosk to Inform Travelers of Human Trafficking, Opioid and Other Safety Issues

Safe America’s #1 Goal: Save Lives, Advance National Agenda (Including End Daylight Savings by Labor Day;

Keep Kids Off ‘Un-Air-Conditioned School Buses during August)

 Atlanta, GA – The Safe America Foundation will hold a news conference at the State Capitol on Thursday, September 27, at 11:00 am to announce plans to launch several initiatives this fall to rescue young women and men from human trafficking, while helping veterans and opioid victims get to medical treatment centers.

During their news conference, Safe America will unveil its first ‘HUMANS Care’ transport vehicle donated by AMR (American Medical Response). The Foundation will also unveil plans to open an information kiosk at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport starting Nov. 1 that will inform travelers of signs of women and men being victimized for sex.

Support for the programming has grown this summer, with attendees including state and metro leaders such as Georgia Public Service Commission Vice Chairman Tim Echols, Clayton County Chairman Jeff Turner and State Representatives Paulette Rakestraw and Michael Smith.  Also expected are DeKalb County Commissioners Gregory Adams and Larry Johnson; State Senator Kay Kirkpatrick and State Senator Ed Harrison, plus Atlanta City Councilman Michael Julian Bond and Mayor Keisha Lance Bottom’s Senior Fellow, Ouleye Warnock.

The event will take place at the Georgia State Capitol in the South Wing located near the main rotunda.

“Solving human trafficking – and help opioid addicts and human trafficking victims get to medical facilities is a major problem,” noted Safe America CEO Len Pagano. “With more than 1,500 people a month unable to get to hospitals, we’ll help take a role in improving transportation and educating the public on what to look for when they’re out on the street.”

Pagano noted that Safe America’s ‘HUMANS Care’ program is growing a collaborative partnership with organizations including Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the City of Atlanta, the Atlanta Veterans Administration,youthSpark, American Medical Response, WellStar Atlanta Medical CenterFulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority.

“We value our partnership with Safe America and we appreciate the recognition for our efforts to support safer and healthier communities throughout the many systems we serve in Georgia,” said Terence Ramotar, Regional Director for AMR. “As part of our collaboration, we are pleased to donate the HUMANS Care transport vehicle as a way to get more help to more people, which is what AMR is all about.”

Ouleye Warnock, Senior Fellow for Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, offered her support and added that the City will look to partner with Safe America on the ‘HUMANS Care’ program.

“Our Office is uniquely poised to bring together leaders from across sectors – including housing, health care, children and youth services, civil rights protection, immigration, faith communities, labor enforcement, economic empowerment, airport security and law enforcement – as we create a blueprint to combat labor and sexual exploitation,” Ms. Warnock stated.

In addition to the fighting human trafficking, Safe America announced its plan to evaluate the potential of Georgia (and other states) ending Daylight Savings Time by Labor Day; and, delaying the start of the school year in 2019-20 until early September (to reduce heat exposure on school buses and early morning ‘transportation’ in the dark). Both topics will be part of the November 2 Fall Forum at the Federal Reserve Bank as well as the November 17  Brain Camp at the Delta Flight Museum. Safe America is also launching a Safe South initiative, with Clayton County Chairman Jeff Turner heading the organization.

“Safety has grown to be the #1 issue every day – everywhere,” noted Pagano. “We need to redefine decisions – from how early to start the school year to making sure kids don’t have to walk in the dark to catch a school bus. These and other issues – like teaching how to survive active shooters and having Boy and Girl Scouts receive more training – can be as important as investing $60 million in tax dollars currently being discussed by gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp,” said Pagano.

Among individuals who have helped kick off the HUMANS Care program are Kim Ryan, President of WellStar Atlanta Medical Center (AMC); Terence Ramotar, Regional Director of AMR; DeKalb County Super Commissioner Gregory Adams; Cobb County Board of Commissioners Chairman Mike Boyce; Dr. Joshua Murfree, COO of the Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority (FDHA) and Jennifer Swain, Executive Director of youthSpark.

The importance of the HUMANS Care program is elevated because of Atlanta hosting the 2019 NFL Super Bowl at the Mercedes Benz Stadium. Human trafficking is viewed as a key problem because of male football fans interest in seducing teen girls for sexual pleasure. Thought of as modern-day slavery, this multi-billion criminal enterprise exploits 12-16 years old, leading to a shortened life.

One of the goals of Safe America is to rescue victims while also using donated transportation vehicles to help opioid addicts and veterans with PTSD. These will be among topics discussed at the Fall Forum on November 2 at the Federal Reserve Bank. For more details the conference, visit https://trainingforglobalsafety.org.