Safe America Leadership

Kim Ryan /Chairperson

Senior Vice President- Wellstar

Jeff Turner - Chairman-elect

Chairman - Clayton County Board of Commissioners

Len Pagano - President/CEO

Chairman - Clayton County Board of Commissioners

Dr. Joxel Garcia


Henry Edinger/ CEO Network

CEO-Experience Design International

Remy Szekler
Bob Schurke/Past Chairman


Christy Taylor

Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer

Walter Kaufmann


Our Board of Directors includes executives from coast-to-coast, each committed to helping improve health and safety to reduce risks and SAVE LIVES!

Led by the First Lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rossello' Chair/Board of Directors, it includes individuals passionate about your safety - and helping advance lives.

Nominate a Board Member

Do you know someone that would be a great asset to our Board-of-Directors? Nominate them!