Safe Driving School Assemblies

High Schools in the Atlanta area get a very special lesson in driving safety courtesy of the Safe America Foundation and the law firm of Montlick & Associates.

The 'Dangerous Driving Decisions' school assemblies features teen driving safety experts who lead presentations and discussions about the dangers of distracted driving.

Car crash deaths in the state are increasing, with a high rate of teens being killed because of texting and driving.  Safe America and Montlick & Associates believe that the best way to end distracted driving is to educate students about the danger it poses.

Area high schools are selected to host the assembly.  The audience are juniors and seniors, new to driving and at the greatest risk for texting and driving fatalities.  The students hear the message and the interact in the messaging.  Driving simulators are brought to each school and teenagers are given the chance to experience simulated crash as a result of texting.  

The students are also encourage to take a written pledge and online pledge to not text and drive.  

There is a banner the students sign that stays up in the school cafeteria all year long as a constant reminder to not text and drive.