Salute to Walmart CEO Doug McMillon for Courageous Decision to Avoid Massive Shooter Incidents

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announced today that Walmart will end sale of handgun ammunition… while also keeping customers from entering any of their 4,700 stores with guns.

The decision – less than a month after the tragic mass gun attacked in El Paso, Texas – is a good call – and evidence that Walmart is addressing the issue wisely.

Mr. McMillon – who years ago worked with Safe America as we created ‘Operation Baby Buckle’ to distribute over 150,000 car seats nationwide – is tackling the issue smartly… informing the White House and encouraging President Trump to consider what he can also do to end active shooting incidents.

Safe America has continued to look at what we can do… meeting with Board member Alon Stivi last week in Los Angeles… and planning more training events this year (in Atlanta on Dec. 9 at the Federal Reserve Bank). We have also offered to help Walmart as it is America’s ‘retail home’ of millions of citizens.

Watch for more discussions… and if interested, join us in New York City on Sept. 16 as we host a strategic planning discussion with KPMG. For details, contact Joe Caprara at (770)-384-7937.