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Technology and How It Affects Disaster Relief Efforts

Technology and How It Affects Disaster Relief Efforts

Technology disruption is a fear for many lines of work, however, we forget to acknowledge its ability to help people live a better life. Many companies, including UPS, ERUdyne, Field Innovation Team, and Lockheed Martin, have helped expand the horizon of what technology can do to save lives. Technology’s best disruption is how it affects our disaster relief efforts, with drones being capable of delivering needed supplies and medicine and being able to spot danger swiftly, allowing for easy evacuations.  Being able to collect data on other catastrophes will allow for better planning and preparedness for future disasters. One concern is how will locals respond to these robotic machines, which can be solved by educating them about drones and other machines. With enough time and progress, technology will be able to help us detect signs of an incoming disaster and make us better prepared, a task which humans cannot do.

To learn more about this issue go to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation website found here


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