The “3 Kings” Toy Giving Partnership Delivers Royal Success

Thanks to the collaboration that the UPS Foundation created with the non-profit, Good360, Safe America is working now to extend the successful collaboration through 2019.

Together with our mutual friend/partner, Good360 CEO Howard Sherman – who engineered a $400,000 giving of toys for children in Puerto Rico – we’re now looking at further ways to partner with UPS on the distribution of goods and services in disaster-impacted regions of the world.

Safe America is already envisioning more positive results that we’ll work to involve supporters of the Puerto Rico program, which raised $39 million in 2017. Together with First Lady Beatriz Rossello’, we’ll launch a ‘WorldSafe” fundraising event at Antiguo Casino in San Juan this spring along with a Leadership Summit.

Howard Sherman, Len Pagano, and Joe Ruiz on Capitol Hill

Celebrating Our Joint Success on Capitol Hill: Good360’s Howard Sherman (left), Safe America’s Len Pagano (center) and UPS Foundtion’s Joe Ruiz (right).