Tragedies in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio Spark Plan to ‘Train More’ on Active Shooter Survival

Chairperson Kim Ryan (WellStar Health System) led a conversation with Chairman-elect Jeff Turner and Safe America CEO Len Pagano… considering how the Foundation might train more community leaders, business executives, church and synagogue leaders and school principals on how to ‘survive’ active shooters.

The plan: work with Board member Alon Stivi, who has been training hundreds across the U.S. Mr. Stivi – who is expected to speak at the Fall Forum in Atlanta at the Federal Reserve Bank – expressed his sadness at this weekend’s tragedies.. and his interest in helping Safe America get more people ‘ready’ to survive mass shooters by learning how to escape and/or attack them.

“We mourn those who died and were injuried; and are concerned that if people don’t understand how to quickly react, more people will be killed in the future,” noted Jeff Turner. “We look to be proactive and help people all over the country. It’s an important task – and we’re ready to start.”

Mr. Turner also plans to announce a special role for Clayton County in assisting the training program… and launching it by September. Watch for more news to come in the coming weeks…