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VET Tran Program Re-Launched

VET Tran Program Re-Launched

Thanks to Knights of Columbus and Marietta Leader Chris McHugh at St. Joseph’s Parish, Safe America is re-launching its VET Tran program this summer to help veterans get to medical care in Metro Atlanta more quickly. And, with COVID-19’s vaccination now reducing exposure, Safe America is also evaluating how to expand this model program across the country in 2022.

Primerica Financial Services, the original ‘sponsor’ of Safe  America, provided funds this spring to help promote VET Tran across Metro Atlanta in July. And, with support from other firms such as Enterprise, Jim Ellis Automotive Group and Lockheed Martin, Safe America will start to invite veterans to ‘call’ and let us know if they need a drive to medical care.

‘Knights of Columbus’ leader Chris McHugh, a Senior Vice President of Regions Bank, has also recruit 26 men to voluntarily drive veterans to health care. Next week, Kaiser Permanente executive Terrill McFarland will meet with Safe America President & CEO Len Pagano to explore how they can offer medical care to veterans. Four Kaiser Permanente locations – Town Center, Cumberland, Gwinnett and Southwood – will be considered for direct access to veterans, with additional support from the Fulton DeKalb Hospital System and its Grady Hospital thanks to Chief Operating Officer Dr. Joshua Murfree.

Neil Burton, a transportation instructor for Safe America, has been appointed as the Logistics Director of ‘VET Tran.’ Neil will help get ambulances from AMR into service. AMR – which is a national ambulance company with over 9,000 vehicles – has donated two ambulances to Safe  America in Georgia, with the potential of expanding in other states.

“We are pleased to see all of the support that’s re-emerging,” noted Safe America President & CEO Len Pagano. “Together with Knights of Columbus, Kaiser Permanente and other firms, we’ll work to make the Atlanta project a pilot program that can be expanded into other states.”

To learn more, call Safe America Transportation Division Vice President Carol Pilgrim at (770)-973-SAFE.