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Walmart CEO Doug McMillon Named ‘CEO of the Year’

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon Named ‘CEO of the Year’

Safe America Praises Doug McMillon for ‘Addressing Safety’ as #1 Issue

& Highlights Walmart As a ‘Model’ for Retail Business

(Atlanta, GA) – The Safe America Foundation has announced that Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart, has been named the 2021 ‘CEO of the Year’ for his work at protecting both employers and millions of customers this past year. The Foundation praised Mr. McMillon for his career of ‘protecting what’s priceless: human lives’ – and helping advance safety through the retail environment.

“Today, we all know that safety’s critically important due to COVID-19,” noted Safe America Chairman and CEO Len Pagano. “That’s why Safe America salutes Doug McMillon for all he’s done to make Americans safer and protect everyone around-the-world through a number of actions.”

Pagano noted that honoring Mr. McMillon hopes to inspire other business and community leaders to ‘be proactive’ in protecting people.

“We honor Doug for all he’s done – not just in the past year but for over two decades,” Pagano noted. “Thanks to Doug, Safe America protected over 150,000 babies by getting them car seats  and then launching a ‘Safe America Month ™’  – from 1997-2000 – to protect families, children and pets. For all Americans, Doug prioritized safety and made it the number 1 ‘issue’ among all of us this past year.”

Applauding Doug for his leadership, Safe America now hopes to teach families and business-people how to protect lives after COVID. Through the Foundation’s new YouTube ‘SNN’ (Safety News Network) site, Safe America will work with Project World Impact (PWI) to reach thousands of people online monthly and teach them factors that can promote health and safety.

“We want to make Post-COVID a better era,” Pagano noted. “As we tell next-Gen leaders how Doug McMillon is a heroic model, we’ll seek to encourage everyone to become a ‘Community Enhancement Officer’ (described as Safe America ‘CEOs’).” To become a member, contact Joe Caprara at (770)-384-7937.

Leading Safety:  Doug McMillon honored for protecting Americans