Wellstar’s Kim Ryan Named Safe America’s 2018 Chair ...while Minnesota CEO Steve Blue Selected as Chair-ElectSafe America’s Vision: Providing Global Leadership in Health, Safety Education

WellStar Atlanta Medical Center President Kim Ryan has been selected to serve as the Chair of the Marietta-based Safe America Foundation beginning July 1st. Mrs. Ryan, who has served as Chair of the Foundation’s WorldSafe Health Initiative, will also serve as the local host of this fall’s WorldSafe Summit being held at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center October 26-28.
In being named as the incoming Chair, Mrs. Ryan noted 5 issues as her focus for the next 12-18 months, including:

  • Fighting human trafficking
  • Helping veterans transition to civilian (post-war) life
  • Protecting youth from bullying
  • Addressing cyber security and eliminating sexting
  • Educating Americans
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“Today, Americans recognize that they may face an emergency that could threaten their life,” Ryan observed. “Safe America has a history of building coalitions, sharing ways to work together and focus on what can be done to protect lives.”

Miller Ingenuity CEO Steve Blue of Winona, Minnesota, who is also serving as Chairman of the Foundation’s ‘CEO Network’ coalition, was also named the Chairman-elect. Mr. Blue saluted the selection of Mrs. Ryan, noting that he will continue his objective of engaging C-level executives to build a national network that can bring new resources to the table.


“Many CEOs – and others serving the C-suite – acknowledge privately that they really aren’t prepared to deal with major crises,” commented Blue. “Safe America wants to help those at the C-level, recognizing that you don’t have to be a CEO to become a ‘Community Enhancement Officer’ who can improve our country’s readiness for handling difficulties ahead which, unfortunately, seem inevitable.”

Blue noted that the Foundation has organized a BE Safe America Task Force that will host a ‘New York Safety Summit’ with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on August 24 in Manhattan.

Blue noted that his firm – Miller Ingenuity – is also helping co-fund with UPS, WellStar Health System, and others the “WorldSafe Summit” this fall in Atlanta, which will involve business, civic and government leaders.

“We’re proud that a host of other NGOs such as the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), the Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA) and the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) are committed to joining our Summit,” Blue noted. “Together with Operation Hope, Crawford & Company, Champion Women, and Chambers, Conlon & Hartwell, LLC, we’ll engage leaders across North America – and the World – to help assess what are some of the best new ways to protect people.”

Safe America CEO Len Pagano noted that the Foundation’s WorldSafe Summit has already sparked international interest, with the Chinese Government interested in the program and invited to attend. He added that major media are also being invited to attend, with Turner Broadcasting, the Associated Press, Cox Media Group and Cumulus Media among those having expressed interest.
“We want to be the ‘voice of safety,’ bringing key messages via Google, You Tube and Twitter in a way that can impact Millennials and Gen Z,” Pagano remarked. “Many in their teens or 20s are already on the cusp of being social media leaders – and that’s who we’re hoping to engage, also.”

Pagano noted the Foundation’s efforts to engage young leaders, noting that Jacob Smith, a Denver, Colorado college student, has been named to Safe America’s 2018 Board of Directors. Mr. Smith, who is only 20 years old, will serve as the Foundation’s ‘Collegiate Spokesman,’ while 14-year-old high school student Naudia Carach of Pensacola, Florida will serve as the Foundation’s ‘Miss SafeTeen America.’ (Both will serve on the Foundation’s Board of Directors.)
“Safety is a 24/7 issue we all face,” said Pagano. ‘With our diversified leadership – and increased roster of people on our Board from coast-to-coast – we are positioned to make a major contribution to key safety issues over the next 3-5 years.”

Noted Chair-elect Kim Ryan, “our goal is to be the 21st century’s leading voice of safety and with the CDC and other major global entities here, we’re going to make Atlanta the center for dialogue – building a WorldSafe coalition that is committed to saving lives and minimizing risks.”