WorldSafe Initiative

The WorldSafe Initiative began in 1998, when Delta Air Lines and IHG partnered with Safe America to help protect global travelers.

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Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked to identify new means of providing advice to executives while helping communities 'Be Prepared. Not Scared.' and keep its citizens safe through crises as well as in post-disaster recovery situations.

WorldSafe Relief

From ‘cooking cans’ to personal hygiene supplies, Safe America uses its WorldSafe program to offer relief. Volunteer to be ‘on site’ and help bring your empathy to those who’ve suffered.’

WorldSafe Forums

Whether it’s at the UN or in a government setting, Safe America has held WorldSafe Forums in Paris, London, Dresden, Sydney and elsewhere round-the-globe. Learn more of our history of dialogue with world leaders - and offer your insight and support.

CEO Network

Together with leading Fortune 500 firms such as UPS, Safe America has held forums in major cities, growing a ‘network’ of leading executives. Known now as the ‘CEO Network,’ we hold events and share information, building an elite membership.