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Zoom Call Advances Protecting American Children & Safely Birthing Ukraine Babies

Zoom Call Advances Protecting American Children & Safely Birthing Ukraine Babies

A CEO Network ‘Zoom call’ led to conversation on what can be done to save American children – with a goal of placing ‘Slides to Safety’ products in high schools nationwide. The ‘Zoomers’ also heard from Yorghas Founder Alina Pelka in Warsaw, Poland of what Safe America can do this summer to save 80,000 babies to be ‘born’ among pregnant women.

Safe America CEO Len Pagano noted that a July event in New York is being planned… with the Ukraine Institute. Other conversations will note new safety products from Canada (360 Health and Hygiene) and what can be done to help get ThirdEye glasses distributed to first responders and EMS staff.

“We sense things are getting rougher – even with Covid – and that’s why more people are joining in to help,” Pagano noted. “We’ll plan monthly Zoom calls on Thursday and will have more people globally invited – from Germany, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Korea – plus all over the United States, too.”

Pagano noted that Kirk Fordham – hired as the Foundation’s new Executive Vice President – will help develop a new ‘donor advised fund.’ The goal: helping other non-profits that have joined our WorldSafe Alliance. Pagano noted that SFM Charities, One World for Life, FODAC and Bigger Vision are the first non-profits who signed in. He noted that over a dozen non-profits are also considering this role and a California firm – Flipcause – will help update website content to help advance fundraising.

“We have LOTS of great new Board members – and lots of new firms that care to help Safe America,” Pagano observed. “We’ll keep posting updates and invite everyone to play a role. After all, we’re all SAMs – people who care to ‘Save All Mankind.’

For an invitation to Zoom calls, contact Ty Morrow at (404)-997-9804.