Dan Carfang

VET Tran/Transportation Manager
Dan Carfang Head Shot (1) copy

Dan Carfang is the newly-appointed Director of VET Tran, a program within SafeAmerica that provides transportation services to veterans. In this role, Dan is recruiting 100 volunteers including Georgia Knights of Columbus, Georgia public safety officers and Metro Atlanta corporate and personal volunteers, to help drive veterans to medical care centers. He is also working to involve the "Knights of Columbus" organization to help recruit and train volunteers to support the program.

In addition to coordinating transportation services, Dan will also work with new staff member Terry Defore to ensure that two ambulances are available for veterans who are disabled, making sure that all veterans have access to the medical care they need.

Dan Carfang graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's degree in Food Service Management. He has served as SafeAmerica's Transportation Manager and runs the Foundation's VET Tran Program. He has a wealth of experience in coordinating transportation services and is dedicated to making sure veterans have access to the medical care they need. With Dan's leadership and the help of dedicated volunteers, the VET Tran program will be able to serve more veterans than ever before.